Apply and win the "Nevena Popović"
award worth 300€!


In may 2022, the Association of Art Lovers "ULJUS" will organize the IX International
Piano Competition Smederevo in the age from pre - category, through primary and secondary
music school, university students, to artists without age limits in the following categories



The IX International Piano Competition Smederevo will be held online
in May 2022, via videos of the contestants.

The application deadline is April 2022!

You can apply by online application on the website www.uljus.com
which contains all the information, application and propositions or by e-mail: takmicenjesmederevo@gmail.com


The competition is held by categories. The right to participate have regular and part-time students of primary and secondary music school, students and freelance artists from Serbia and abroad.


Payment of the donation for the competition:

3200 rsd (30 €) - Piano (pre - category, baby katergorija),
comparative piano, complementary piano, popular music
(all categories)

3700 rsd (35 €) - Piano (I, II categories)

4200 rsd (40 €) - Piano (III, IV categories)

4700 rsd (45 €) - Piano (V - VIII categories)

6000 rsd (55 €) - Piano (IX category)

8000 rsd (70 €) - Grand Prix Smederevo (all categories)

2000 rsd (30 €) - Composition

2200 rsd (20 €) per member - Chamber ensembles; Professor & Student (I, II, III, IV categories); for ensembles of 3 or more members 5400 rsd (50 €) (ukupno).
V category - 3200 rsd (30€ ) per ensemble member. Per ensembles of 3 or more members 8400 rsd (80 €).
* Prices in euros are shown for competitors from abroad

Participants from Serbia pay to the account number: 160-495083-91 with the indication - Donation for the piano competition Smederevo, recipient ULJUS.

Participants from abroad pay into a foreign currency account (EUR) with the indication - Registration fee for the competition Smederevo 56:Intermediary: BCITITMM INTESA SANPAOLO SPA, MILANO, ITALY 57:Account with institution: DBDBRSBG BANCA INTESA AD, BEOGRAD Milentija Popovića 7B, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia 59: Beneficiary-IBAN: RS35160005400002545668 Name: ULJUS (28142838) Address: Narodnog fronta 1/41, 11300 Smederevo, Serbia

* In case of withdrawal from the competition, the amount paid will not be refunded!


All listed disciplines and categories are valid for holding the ONLINE competition.


The following items must be submitted for the competition:

  • Application filled with necessary informations
  • Proof of payment
  • Birth certificate
  • Link to a Youtube video posted by UNLISTED
    (visible only to people with a link) or PUBLIC. The recording can be complete or individual according to the compositions and can also be recorded on a home instrument.

  • It is necessary to see the face and hands of the performer in the frame at the same time, as well as the program to be listed in the video description.


    By applying to the competition, the candidate together with his parent or guardian confirms that he accepts the conditions and rules of the competition.

    The results of the competition will be published on the site within a maximum of 30 days from the end of the application.



    First prize Second prize Third prize Commendation Diploma of participation
    95-100 points
    85-94.99 points
    75-84.99 points
    65-74.99 points
    0-64.99 points

    If more than one candidate has the same number of points, more first, second, third and fourth prizes can be awarded, as well as commendations. If two candidates have the same number of points, the younger candidate has the advantage in the ranking. The winner must have at least 98 points

    The winner of the competition will receive the "Nevena Popović" award. The organizer awards diplomas to the awarded competitors, and can also award special prizes, medals, cups, as well as gifts if there are sponsors of the competition.

    The jury has the right to award special diplomas for the performance of a particular work, for a promising young artist, for the artistic level of performance. The jury can declare the category winners and the competition winners. The organizer reserves the right to invite candidates to concerts of their choice after the competition.


    The jury will be composed of well-known piano professors (compositions) consisting of 3-6 members. The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable.


    If a professor who is a member of the jury has his student in the competition, then he has no right to evaluate and decide on the evaluation of his student.


    The jury may suspend a competitor if he exceeds the allowed minutes.


    The jury can declare the category winners and the competition winners.


    Competitors bear the costs of arrival, food and accommodation during the competition.


    Takmičari nemaju pravo na naknadu za video ili zvučno snimanje njihovih izvođenja. The organizer reserves the right to publish photos and recordings from the competition and concerts.

    Competition Director: Mrs. Branislava Ranitović
    tel. 1: +381642592182
    tel. 2: +381692592182


    About 400 participants from 41 countries of the world took part in the International Piano Competition Smederevo 2021. So far, artists from 42 countries at all. Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States, Ukraine, Slovenia, Thailand, China, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Iceland, Austria, Montenegro, Norway, Greece, India, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Hungary, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Israel, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Taiwan, Georgia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Albania, France, Latvia, Serbia.

    The intention of the competition to encourage the performing activity of young people and support their interest in performing piano compositions has been fully realized with about 1,500 participants so far.

    Our wish is for the competition to grow and expand.

    The goal of this event is to promote young artists and the city of Smederevo itself at the competition and at the concerts scheduled after the competition. In this way, the city of Smederevo becomes the center of a great musical gathering with the intention of expanding and continuing the gathering…

    Many thanks to the city of Smederevo for their help in the realization of the competition.


    Asta Dora
    Una Miljus
    Severin Filipovic
    Eanuel Pucek
    Roko Matijevic
    Dusan Dakic