You can enter the competition by filling out an application form on the website. All you need to do is enter your data in the fields from which the required fields are indicated with a red asterisk.There is also the possibility of downloading an application in pdf or docw format, which you then need to fill out and e-mail with proof of birth and  proof of payment.

Yes, you can also sign in on the day indicated as a deadline.

Categories in the chamber composition are determined by the older member of ensemble (ensembles of 2 performers) or the oldest member  (ensembles of 3 or more performers)  

Yes, you can apply in the older category.

Contestants from Serbia can make payments by payment receipt or electronic payment. For foreigners, the easiest way to make payments through PayPal is directly from the  our website or by paying into a foreign currency account, which also has high transaction costs. For these reasons, the payment should be increased for transaction costs in order for the amount of payment to arrive to be as indicated for a specific category.

Yes, the awards are determined by the number of points, so it’s possible that more performers have the same award.

You can become the absolute winner of the category if you have the highest number of points in the category in which you participate, but you should have 98 or more points.

Yes, you may be participating in two categories. Categories can be those that are intended for your age and older. You cannot apply in a younger category than yours.

You can participate in the Piano and Grand Prix category. The program you are applying for the Piano discipline can be repeated in the Grand Prix discipline, of course with  added program. If it is for ONLINE competition, you should send the recordings especially for Piano and  Grand Prix where the program for the first and second stages should be separated.

Yes, the video description of your video  should contain all your data and   program you are playing.

Your video should be uploaded to You-tube:  Public ( visible to all) and Unlisted ( visible only to people with a link). International Piano Competition Smederevo  reserves the right to publish videos of the competition in playlists on the website. Playlists of competitors will be published on the website  and will  exist on our YouTube channel with results of previous competitions.

Yes, the recording can be taken by phone. However, you should pay attention to the quality of the recording. If the recording cannot be clearly heard, adjuditators have the right to disqualify the competitor.

Recordings can be recorded separately for each composition, you do not have to perform the entire program without interruption. The recordings must be taken in real time. It is FORBIDDEN to edit the recording. If this happens, the competitor will be disqualified. But, you can  combine the recordings into one video, NOT to make your Playlist. If it is hard for you, you can send your videos separately.

The winner of the competition will be the most successful competitor according to the decision of the adjudicators. The winner of the competition will not be determined by age. The adjudicators proclaims the most successful participant  in the competition by the scores of all members of the Jury.

Candidates from the discipline Grand prix Smederevo will have priority in deciding the winner of the competition. If there are no competitors with 100 points won, the winner can be selected from one of the categories of the Piano discipline by the jury’s decision.

Diplomas of online competition will be sent to e-mail for competitors from abroad, and for competitors from Serbia by e-mail or by mail.